Digital Distribution 101

Okay so I thought I better let ya'll into a "not so big secret" about digital distribution.

If you want iTunes to "stock" your CD, you have a few options as to how to go about getting your music on there.

Option #1. Directly set yourself up as a music provider with Apple. This involves applying to Apple for distribution as a music label. The most long-winded approach (though you'll make the most money).

Option #2. Get someone in NZ who already has a hookup with Apple to do it for you (this usually involves a fairly hefty commission). Loop does it, and they take 20%.

Option #3 (This is the best one). Get CDBaby to sort it all out. This is the same pretty much as option #2, except they're based in Portland, Oregan. They also distribute your record to shitloads of other online music stores, and only take 9%. They're pretty freakin' awesome, really honest, and really fast. You can sell physical CDs there as well. The Tweeks have had some success with them, and the Julian Temple Band (though probably under the JuJu Crew name) by all accounts have had good success.

I post this because I just checked The Tweeks' digital distro on CDBaby, and we're on all these. Awesome huh?


and of course our own CDBaby page


  1. cool man, have you seen tunecore? any idea how it compares to cdbaby?


  2. wow Tunecore looks really awesome as well! Wow! Never used it though... Anyone had any experience with them?


  3. So without givng us any explicit details:
    How long you been on CD Baby? and;
    How much have you made in that time?

  4. Nah never used it (tunecore) but read a lot about it here: and the guys from tunecore post over on It looks like a good deal, I just wish I knew how they were managing to offer it! Me and a friend were thinking of setting up something like this, it was tunecore that really put us off.


  5. The Tweeks have been signed up since last year when we released our first album (April). Since then we're in the <500 category (but only just!!).

    So yeh, no deposit on the BMW yet.

  6. Amazon, whose MP3 store isn't available in New Zealand, and likely won't be until the end of the year.
    -above from Hard News

    Apart from ITunes (70% of world download market) Im not convinced being on tjose other sites has any $ value to you

  7. Sure that may well be the case. However I have no idea where the music market is going and it's probably worth being available on as many different mediums as possible.

    I should probably also point out that The Tweeks have actually made half our money through CDBaby with physical CD sales to people in the states. Wierd huh?

  8. I just had a look at our Digital Distro accounting sheet, and we've made probably half of our digital sales through Napster. Odd. Who uses Napster in 2008?

  9. Wow -thats good to see the physical CD thing is still working, and Napster at 1/2 your digital sales thats good too.
    Who is selling the rest?

  10. TuneCore are good, as good as CDBaby re service/features, but they cost more. CDBaby is a one-off charge; not so with TuneCore - they have a yearly charge. It's low, but it doesn't equate well to CDBaby's US$35 one-off charge.

  11. For £25 provide you with over 50 sites, and not just the US based ones.
    iTunes, Play, Amazon, mobile sites like Nokia and Jamster, iTunes Video, and loads more.
    Much better value than reverb nation.

    Also online accounting, a fixed release date,
    4 week turnaround and you can become eligible for the UK charts.
    They cover a total of 700 worldwide stores and take 0% commission on sales.
    They have had 7 UK top 40 singles, all with unsigned artists.

    A better service for UK and US artists


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