First real rant

Okay so today I was trying to sort out a date for this Tweeks tour that I'm booking. We desperately need a gig on the 29th of August, as we're in CHCH the night before, and Wellington the night after. We wanted to play Auckland of the 29th, but after several reasonably off-putting (though retartedly common) incidents I decided to drop it.

I got my girl Fleur at KiwiFM, and "Magic" Alex to give me lists of venues up there at the moment which are worth performing at. Here's the results (note this is abridged, this is the result of 1 weeks ringing/emailing/begging). Ow, also Andrew Tidbull from was reasonably helpful.

Whammy: Booked
King's Arms: Booked
Coherent: No one answers the phone
The Basement Bar: They have a venue hire fee, and it's booked.
Dog's Bollix: Booked
Backbeat: No reply to email
Masonic: There's no way I'd play there again under normal circumstances.

But what really tipped it off was ringing Simon from The Thirsty Dog. After a few attempts to get in touch, the phone finally rang, he picked up and I said "Hey it's Stu Harwood here from The Tweeks-"
Simon replied "Can you hold please?" and then put down the phone.

I waited for 5 minutes as he had a chat to someone in the bar, with my phone credit rapidly diminishing. At this point I thought to myself "fuck this," and gave up on Auckland for this round.

In good news, us at The Tweeks got a sneak peak at our newest video. It looks awesome. I'll post it up once I'm allowed.

Oh yeah, and Rob Forbes from wants to review The Tweeks' new album. That's kind of nice. No-one in the New Zealand media has reviewed our yet, despite pretty much all the outlets having a copy.

However I went to their site and it says they're not interested in MP3s and stuff. They want to review the actual package. Uh oh!

So what that means is that they want a free copy of the album. Now this sort of practice is actually really common. However when your in a really poor Dunedin band, and you've almost run out of your first run of 100 CDs , and can't afford to press the next 100 cos your still in debt from your last tour things get trickier. Yep, the email I send Rob is gonna be a cracker!

Fuck it, I might just send this guy a real copy, as he's actually asked for it, unlike all these NZ people who got free ones, and haven't done anything with them apart from probably play a "hilarious" round of office Frisbee.

Anyway nighties for now


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