Gig booking update

So after consulting the band last night about what to do about this free date, we've decided to try play another show in Canturbury. So I hit up Luke Piper, the guy who books The Blue Pub in Methven, while Anthony filled out the online booking form for The Wunderbar in Lyttleton.

I haven't heard from Anthony yet about The Wunderbar, but Luke got straight back to me. The deal there is they don't usually do bands on Fridays (the 29th of August is a Friday), but he's pretty keen to get us back and is trying to jiggle things around with another band to let us play that date. What a good cunt!

Anyways we'll see what the dealio is soon!

Also HAY MAN! are playing there this weekend for the "start of the ski season" party. It's going to be outrageous. I'll let you'll know how it goes after!


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