Jazz school syndrome #1

So Vibrasics played support for Christchurch-based, jazz school student band "Locean" last night.  It was poorly attended. We agreed to play this show a couple of months ago, when the band got in touch with us over Myspace. Here's a rant.

I started getting wind that it was going to be a "blah" gig early this week, when I realized I hadn't seen any promotion for it... Uh oh - unknown CHCH band plays Friday night gig without decent promo - bad idea.  Ah well, so I get an email midweek from Tim Driver with an attached poster and an open invite for the support bands to help out with posters.  Needless to say I was way too busy and didn't do anything, especially at such late notice.

Anyway on Friday I was openly optimistic about hearing a new band, and meeting some new people.  Vibrasics showed up, played first (the best if your playing support, it means you get to drink the majority of the drinks rider while the other bands are playing), and we met some of the people from Locean.  The ones that introduced themselves to me were really nice, and we had a bit of a chat.

One of the guys even offered to split the cash from the gig 3 ways (RFM also played) - I of course refused.  It is pretty much a given that touring indie (independent) bands should get most, if not all of the door money.  They're on tour, the locals aren't.  This favour is repaid when the situation is reversed.  Anyway I actually don't know for sure what happened with the cash last night - I was too drunk and had to go home by 2am.

Anyways so RFM played their best set i'd seen them play in ages.  Paul MK filled in for Andy on drums and did a really great job.  I even enjoyed Tim's trombone solos (for the wrong reasons of course haha).  Dave Eely Djed in-between the bands, and played a really interested eclectic set of remixed classic funk and hiphop tracks which I enjoyed (don't get me wrong - I used hate that kind of stuff). 

So anyways Locean.  This band is made of a bunch of reasonably talented jazz students.  They can all play their instruments competently, sometimes with flair.  However they look like a bunch of people who want to be playing different music to their "soul, jazz, dub, breaks combo," apart from their lead singer, who seemed pretty into it.

Bass Player - metal.
Guitarist - church music
Drummer - drum and bass?
Horn section - dub

So yeh it kinda just looked a bit awkward onstage, and the songs seemed pretty underdeveloped as well.  Don't get me wrong, they were lovely people, and the music was well played, I just thought that the group of people didn't play together like a solid unit, and I wasn't sold on the songs.  I think that once the songwriting becomes a little more mature, and they fully sort out their lineup - they'll probably be able to hold their own - if Holly Smith hasn't ruined it for them already. But hey, they're booked to play Winterfest tonight in Queenstown for "Jazz night" with other NZ music "greats" such as Tahuna Breaks and Katchafire.

And thus Jazz school syndrome #1.

btw if anyone has photos from the evening flick them through and I'll stick them up.


  1. Ha, I think Aidan told me about your "child having a tantrum in the supermarket" call. Pure gold!


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