Most incredible review ever

Okay so my boy in Auckland "Magic" Alex Barker found the Groove Guide review. Is has to be the shittist review I've read in ages. Now don't get me wrong - this is not the forum where I complain about my bands getting negative reviews, but check this out. Even the cover art is incorrect (it's from our first album - You Can Listen Too). Now compare it to the mixed review "Dave Local" (David Ager) wrote about our live show on, which in my opinion was researched much better.

So Andrew Ferguson - you failed. D-


  1. Jesus. I'd have to say, it sounds like this Ferguson character just wishes he wrote music reviews for Vice. He's just trying to copy the fact that he can't understand how he feels about the music, and feels he has to approach the format on which the music was released. What an ass.

  2. I was gonna write something fairly snide with signature wit and irony about how he must be gutted vice won't let him write for them but Robbie bet me to the punch. Also, bet you a dollar can't afford cocaine unless it's off of a penis of questionable health... feel the burn!


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