Recording drums for Al Ibell, take 1

Al Ibell asked me to play drums on his "almost finished" recording. So basically it means recording over an almost finished song, which is different to the way I'm used to recording (i.e. either alone, or with a band at the same time). It's a pretty different skill, and kinda cool to experiment with adding rhythmic textures to an already basically completed recording.

So today I recorded the first song "Sad Orchestra." Al wanted a vintage-type drum sound, so we recorded my old rogers drum kit with 2 ribbon microphones. Here's some photos.

Pretty cool aye?

Fuck I'm a nerd.

Thanks to Logan for the photography. Truely magic stuff.


  1. Very cool man! How did the ribbon sound on the kick?


  2. sweet man! Heaps warm, vintagey, and bassey.


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