"160 Characters" video up on Youtube!

Hey all,

So I finally uploaded The Tweeks' new music video, for the song "160 Characters." Mucho credits to Lucinda McConnon (aka The Sneaky Spoon) for having the vision, skills, and bodaciousness to put this business together. Fuckin' tight.

The video was made as part (or full?) of a design paper Lucinda was doing, and was shot over several random mornings (including a 7am start at Rialto - shudder), afternoons, and evenings at a multitude of Dunedin locations. Anyway it's fuckin' awesome. It's on Youtube - sweet. With a bit of hicklety-picklety I'm sure Anthony will be able to link it to our Myspace, and Facebook pages.

Now the question is, can we get it on NZ TV? HAH! Stay posted for the ensuing drama.


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