Coughing and gagging on vomit

Yesterday I sent one of these in. You must by now know that I hate doing this shit.

It is a funding application for the NZONAIR "New Recording Artist" scheme. New artists are meant to send in a demo, and then they might pick you and give you $5K to record it, and another $5K to make a video. So I did what most other bands do, take an already professionally mixed song (in this case "Happened Before" by The Tweeks), muted the echo effect, spring reverb, close drum mics, etc, to "downgrade" the song to "demo" quality.

Maybe we'll get a return on our investment.

By the way, speaking of investment, did you know that Liam Finn recieved both a video grant, and a radio hits rebate last year? So I paid tax so that one of the most priviledged under-30's in the music industry in New Zealand could get more money!!

Yes that's right, the same Liam Finn who recorded his record in his father's million-dollar studio Roundhead

For free.

I don't think that Liam Finn really needs a 5K video grant, or a rebate on recording costs for his music. Does he? Surely his father could dip into the cash that stuff his pillows that he sleeps on every night for that money? (I love the idea of Neil Finn dozing off to sleep on a pillowcase of money humming "don't dream it's over," don't you?)

Doesn't it seem a little bit silly?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Betchadupa, and Liam Finn's solo stuff. I really dig his shiz. Really dig it. But seriously whoever from his management/label/whatever made the desicion to go for that funding must be really fuckin greedy. That's bollocks.

And to the Finn's: Please don't get angry with this post and try to destroy my fragile music career! I really like your fam's music! Please don't hurt me!


  1. yeah, stick it to the man!

    that's all I have to say, really.

    Nothing constructive at all.


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