I feel sick in my mouth

So the other day I filled out some of these forms:

Yep, to some in the "industry," they'll be familiar. They're video funding application forms for NZONAIR. Every couple of months most bands in the country go through with this ritual of picking their most "tv-friendly" track, burning it to a CD, and sending it in to NZONAIR, and after a couple of months find out (via the kiwihits website) that they didn't get any funding for their music video.

Well, at least, that's my experience. I've been doing it since 2002. Why do I still do it? I don't usually actually.. I stopped throwing CDs, printer paper, and envelopes out (well effectively anyway) a year ago. I found the exercise to be pretty much pointless. That was until this band got funding for their wicked song "Love and Economics." Awesome huh?

Now I'm usually one to be against shit like NZONAIR music video, album, and new release funding. They've got a bad track record of giving money to (major) signed bands with poor songs, staying power, interest, x-factor. What really fucks me off is that many of these bands actually don't need any extra cash to help them make a music video... They're signed to majors who think their 3-day-old manties are the business. Let's look at some questionable desicions.

Goodnight Nurse Hard To Watch You Go

Mushroom Records
Shihad Rule The World Warner Music
Elemeno P Loaded Gun Universal Music

I mean seriously - c'mon! These are bands who have sold shitloads of CDs in NZ. They don't need 5K to help them make a video!! What is up with that? And then there's the argument that none of these bands (and there are many more) have actually managed to make any serious dints outside of their home territorys, propably because the music they make is just a shit copy of overseas mainstream stuff.

Another thing I have against all this carryon as well is the amount of money been thrown around. I think it's too much.
"What?" you cry, "5k is a bare bones recording budget - I'd have to get volunteers, skimp out of lighting, minimise rehearsal, get moonlight editing rates, and I won't be able to get the good Auckland coke that I know the director likes." Well for the bands I hang around with down here in filthy old Dunedin, we do videos for less than 1K most of the time, record albums (including mastering) for around 2-3K, and tour NZ on 1K (if it's a real blowout).

Now that I think about it - 5K would be the perfect package for a Dunedin band. With that you could record an album, do a video, and have enough money afterwards to do a radio campaign.

Am I crazy? Or is the world crazy? Ahhh anyway congratulations to Tono! I think they're thinking of touring Oz or something with that cash or something. Awesome. Never fear I'll let you know what they think of my applications (did you like the printed out CD-R? It's the first time I've ever done that for NZONAIR.... Maybe I've got a shot after all... Probably not).


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