RFM Leaving Party @ Sammy's

So on Friday night RFM (Retrophonic Funk Machine) had their official breaking up party. It was ambitious affair, held at Sammy's nightclub, with 9 bands and 2 DJ's: Tono and the Finance Company, 'Koile, The 'Bones, Biff Merchants, RFM, Vibrasics, The Tweeks, Julian Temple Band, Left or Right, DJ Getafix, and DJ Boof.

Tim Walsh whips up a trombone solo.

I got roped into doing sound with Andy Straight, which was cool; I get kind of anxious at these sorts of big gigs (which I'm playing at), and doing sound is a good way for me to participate in the event, and a good excuse not to make annoying small talk when I can't be fucked. It also pays, and I enjoy the nerdyness of doing live sound.

Thank fuck I didn't have to put a mic infront of that

Anyway onto the venue. Sammy's is a bangin' venue. It's huge, you can see the stage from anywhere, the acoustics are good, and most importantly, it's purpose built for entertainment. Well, it was purpose built for entertainment about 80 years ago (I actually have no idea how old Sammy's is), as a caberet, theatre type venue.

Lewis Waite crankin' with Vibrasics

There are certainly problems with the venue - don't get me wrong... It's been run-down for years, and the new owners have bought into a massive - and I mean massive task of cleaning, re-fitting, and upgrading. It's going to take years to get to it's former glory, if the owners can stay afloat! Hopefully they can.

The gig. I'm not going to go on about every act, but I will say RFM played their tightest, most energitic performance in years. I was really proud of them. They've obviously progressed as a band and as individuals by performing together. I mean hell, they've toured NZ, successfully released an album, and improved dramatically as musicians.

500+ people came to the gig to show their support, and plenty stayed right till the end (4am-ish) partying and enjoying the music. I was stoked. I haven't seen that many people out at Sammy's before (even at gasp - Holly Smith).

Iain Dangerfield

It was awesome. Bye bye RFM.


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