The Tweeks in Queenstown

Last night it was The Tweeks' turn to play at The Dux De Lux in Queenstown. It was a reasonably low-key affair, with a relatively chilled out crowd. We have realised that this is pretty much the best result for gigs in Queenstown. We got to go through our set without heckling from country yokels or drunken tourists, while quietly powering through our bar rider.

As The Tweeks Ltd is in a reasonable amount of financial bother at the moment (or “in the shit"), we opted to save on costs and did the gig without a support band. This meant that in order to fill out the evening we had to whip out some older songs, and a few covers. While it was quite funny to subject the audience to an unrehearsed version of “I Don't Care” by The Ramones, performing songs from our back catalogue can cause some unwanted self-reflection on the bands progress, especially while onstage. Some of the songs we played last night were 6 years old (written whilst in 2nd year in the contemporary rock paper), and performing them alongside some of our newest stuff highlighted how much the band had changed since then. I could bore you with details but I won't. Needless to say playing some of the older ones was also quite depressing and added enthusiasm to the band's onstage alcohol abuse.

Anyhow it's 2:40pm, I'm in the Mosgiel Shell station, and I'm playing tonight with the Alan Ibell band. All I can think about are hangover remedies. Do I go for the coffee and nurofen? The jazz cigarette and Wayne's World combo? Maybe the Lucozade and sleeping mask?


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