A busy week for The Tweeks

So this week has been a busy one. We gave four performances, one of which was acoustic, one at a high school, and one at benefit. Also our video surprisingly was played on C4's “Watch This Space” show. I seriously didn't believe that was going to happen. Of course we didn't an NZONAIR grant this week however, though you can see who did here. It's appalling.

Open Mic Live Recording

This Tuesday The Tweeks were invited to perform at Alastair Burns' open mic night at the Backstage. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't a random jam night, as the title “open mic” might suggest. It was a collection of musicians performing 2 songs each, which was being recorded live by Tex Houston (credits including The Clean, The Hasslehoff Experiment, The Verlaines).

It was a pretty cool evening – other notable performances came from The Biff Merchants, and King Leo and the Growling Dogs. I have to give credit to Alastair for organising the Tuesday night open mic night. It's one of Backstage's most popular evenings, bringing in an eclectic crowd. For The Tweeks performing at open mic night was a really relaxed affair, and a great way to bring our music to people who would otherwise not get the chance to hear us. Thanks heaps to Alastair and Niamh for having us again, and I hope the CD comes out well.

The Tweeks at open mic

Pint Night Refuel

On Wednesday we played our first Refuel pint night in ages. We played alongside Oh My Golly! and Sunset Cinema. The gig was pretty decently attended, though you never really know who shows up to see the band, or just drink at a pint night. Chris Bull made a real effort doing our sound that evening, it sounded a whole lot better than last time we played there – though I really do not envy him doing sound in there. I used to work as a sound guy at Refuel, and that room is just not conducive to good sound.

Students for Free Tibet Fundraiser

Last night we played at the SFT fundraiser at the Backstage. Holy crap what a massive night that was! The lineup was monstrous: The Biffs, The Bones, Paper Planes, Knives at Noon, Mama Yeva, Monica Yoeman, Best Boys Electric, and Sunset Cinema. Backstage must have at least 200 people in the bar when we played. Unfortunately I had just come down with a fever and was barely able to hold it together. I don't really know how I managed to play, but I did – wavering tempo and all. Fuck I hate being sick. Thanks to The Biff for swapping time slots with us. That was a really kind thing to do.

Rockquest Mentoring Programme.

Today (Friday) we met up at our practice room at 7:45am, packed the van, and drove to Wanaka to play a gig with and mentor the current Central Otago Rockquest winners, The Slur-Tones. The Rockquest mentoring programme is one of the few government music funding schemes that I actually endorse. Bands get invited by the Glenn Common, the Rockquest manager to go to the school of a rockquest finalist, play a gig at the school in lunchtime, and hang out with the kids for an hour imparting advice (and industry gossip). We get a grand for our troubles, and the kids get real interaction with real, touring musicians.

The Slur-Tones were a really tight unit, and it was obvious that they had outclassed everyone at the Rockquest regional finals. They had good stage presence, tightness, melodies, and arrangements. They were also really nice guys, and were genuinely interested in whatever smack we were talking. Anyway straight afterwords we jumping into the van and drove back to Dunedin. What a day.


  1. why the hell to 3 Sony BMG groups and an EMI group get government funding to make music and promotional materials??? Do Saatchi and Saatchi get money to make ads? Not to mention Dave Dobbyn, Tim Finn and The Feelers, they've got to be some of the only musicians in NZ able to make a living in NZ from music! Well, maybe not the Feelers. The universe can only be so twisted before imploding. sulk.

  2. Your forgetting what a meaningful contribution that all these wonderful artists make to New Zealand music and our cultural identity as a whole. I'm proud that they are the face of NZ music and proving that our songwriters and rock bands are exactly as good as the ones overseas and totally capable of fulfilling the same genre niche. These prolific and capable artists are the foundation that the beating black and silver ferned heart of our great prosperous nations rests on. These artists need that money to make music and videos so that we have something to watch on c4 after select has finished and also so that they can keep the royalties from air play and CD/MP3 sales to pay for the overheads of running their Auckland and Wellington music cartels.

  3. Woh man.. how transparent is that racket! Either that or those people have a less than absent sense of taste.
    Most of those groups sound like standard myspace white noise. How much did they spend on page design... gawd. To hell with them all.


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