Future Sound Of Edin @ The Backstage

On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of playing with The Alan Ibell Band at Chris Keogh's "Future Sound of Edin" night. Chris has been organising these nights for a year or so now, with the intention of showcasing up and coming young bands. This time it was with Molly Van Dijk, and The Tobacconists.

It was the first time I'd seen Molly play, and while being quite shy in between songs, she had a good voice and her songwriting showed promise. She played 6 folky, pop songs with an acoustic guitar. Her songs were perhaps too long for my liking, but what the hey, I couldn't write or perform that well when I was 17 - what the hell do I know?

Molly Van Dijk

The Tobacconists were sweet. They play a mixture of folk, bluegrass, and psychedelia. Tom plays an awesome resonator guitar, and the other guy (sorry I don't know his name) swaps between mandolin and violin. I personally enjoyed the music, but I wonder if others would appreciate what they're trying to do if they engaged more with the audience. They're quite shy people, but I think that they're songs perhaps could do with some more introduction and explanation... Tom's diction can be quite slurred (which I find cool), so I find the audience kind of need a few clues to get the songs for first-time enjoyment.

The Tobacconists. Seriously that has to be one of the best band names ever.

The Alan Ibell band played a shorter set than usual (featuring myself and Jeremy Clark), but it seemed relatively well recieved. I'm the rope-in drummer for Al's band, and we only had one practice before we played. Fortunately I know the songs well enough, and the drum parts are simple enough that I didn't make a complete fool of myself. Logan Valentine usually plays with the band but because of other commitments was absent. As a result the songs sounded perhaps a little barer than usual.

I should mention that I really like the Alan Ibell Band. I love the simplicity of the music, and the dark imagery in the lyrics. It's really fuckin awesome. He's putting out an album later this year, which is pretty cool.

Jeremy and Al

The band "rocking out" on "Zoo Song"

Anyway it was quiet, yet pleasant enough evening of music. Props.


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