So last week I sent away DVDs of The Tweeks new video to Alt TV, and C4. Between me and Logan we came up with this. I think it's pretty funny.

Tweeks Leave You; Tube awaits.

The Tweeks newest music video, ‘160 Characters’, has been accepted for uploaded on YouTube. “It’s been tagged as a music-video, which is quite an accomplishment” enthuses drummer Stu Harwood. “With so much traffic on the Information Superhighway, it’s really hard to break through, and we’re really glad to be given the chance.” Directed by Lucinda McConnon in May 2008 ‘160 Characters’, features several beautifully crafted cellphone suits, a broken acoustic guitar, and a girl with a TV for a head.

In other news, The Tweeks have confirmed relocation rumors. “We were so keen on Bulgaria, but couldn’t raise the money for a house; so we’ve settled on London,” remarked guitarist Chris Keogh. The video-release tour will be their last, before departure in October this year.

See The Tweeks one last time, unless you’re from Auckland, ha!


22 Dndn. Backstage w/ The Defenders and Tono & The Finance Company

28 Chch. Dux de Lux w/ The Steffan van Soest Hit Machine

29 Methven. Blue Pub w/ The Exchange

30 Wgtn. Mighty Mighty w/ The Dissentors and Spoongoose

For further information contact Stuart Harwood
Phone: +64 21 467 590
Email: stu.harwood


  1. Let no one say you guys don't take yourselves seriously as a band and as musicians

  2. Oh, we take ourselves seriously. Just not each other.


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