Tweeks 160 Characters Gig.

On Friday we (The Tweeks) played our first show of our “160 Characters video release” tour at The Backstage in Dunedin. We were joined by a solo Tono, and the DFenders. It was a solid night of music, and it was really great to somewhat formally acknowledge and thank Lucinda McConnon for all the work she put into the video.
It was really awesome to see Tono perform without the Finance Company (who are great by the way) for a change. The solo “format” showcased his amazing ability as a vocalist, and lyricist. He also treated the audience to a couple of his poems, which were absolutely hilarious.

The DFenders played a solid set, they just seem to be getting tighter and tighter. More importantly, they're starting to sound much more like a BAND, rather than a bunch of sausages (guys) who happen to play music together (which is one of my main criticisms of most bands).

Tom Bell did sound for the gig. He did an awesome job – like usual. That guy is one of the better live sound engineers in the country.

Anyway I'm not going to write any more, I'm totally exhasted from the weekend, which I'll tell ya'll about when I've had a bit more sleep.


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