The Tweeks re-press self-titled album

Okay so when us at The Tweeks Ltd released our 2nd album, we decided to get 100 CDs printed, and about 40 USBs. We've run out of CDs, and our USB supplies are running low too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging about selling out of units. Quite the opposite. I'd say of the 100 printed, probably half were given away. Shithouse aye? Radio stations, music reviewers, feature writers, etc all demand at least one (and sometimes up the 20) copies for individual DJs, give-aways, and whatever. They'res no shame in it either, they tell you how many to send. They'res no asking. I got asked by one person (Renee Jones from IMNZ) to send a second copy to her home address so she could listen to it before her show at bFM, when one had already been sent to her pidgeon hole at bFM. Of course almost all of these people haven't done anything with these CDs. We've had 3 printed reviews... All of which were shit. To date Real Groovy and Rip It Up still haven't reviewed a Tweeks CD EVER. EVER. God knows where all the CDs, press kits, merch that we send them ends up.

The shit thing is is that all these people don't really realise how much it costs to send these things away for an indie band. Sure the per unit cost of a CD is about $5 plus postage... But the thing is we sell these at gigs for $20, which means that it ends up feeling like we're giving hundreds of dollars worth of potential income... Which we need! I find the media's selfish expectance of freebees sickening, and wasteful.

I am actually seriously thinking about ringing these people up and demanding they send me the CDs back...

Anyway so we need some more. I emailed Amstore, the company who printed our first run of CDs, and they kept everything on file from last time, so I don't have to re-send them anything. They're such a fucking awesome company. Seriously we sent them our masters a week before our first album release gig, and they got the CDs to us right on time (including a proof!), no stress, no fucking around. It was amazing. They truely are a great company, and I'd recommend them.

I've gone the cheaper route before as well, getting CDs printed overseas (Dualplover and Corduroy Records)and whatnot. It's a fine option if you prepared to deal with 1-2month turnarounds, import duty, Malaysian public holidays, timezone differences, printing proof problems, etc etc. These days I'd rather spend the extra couple of hundred and not worry about all that shit.

How was that for a rant? Aye? Aye?


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