Vibrasics pay Lewis' Mum

This weekend Vibrasics played it's last ever shows in Wanaka and Queenstown. Matt Brook (bass) is leaving for London at the end of this month, so we decided the do these last shows, pay off our debt, and throw in the towel.

Vibrasics owed about 800 bucks to our major sponsor, Lewis Waite's (keys) mum. She bought us our plane tickets for our last summer tour, and due poor returns at the ticket booth, we never paid her back. Fortunately we got offered 1.5K to play at Shooters, and 500 to play at Revolver that weekend, so we basically paid off our debts, got drunk on the band money, and came home. Brilliant.

So first off we on Friday we grabbed an essential touring item: The Hirequip shuttle trailor. This is a great trailer, which fits a full backline with plenty of room to spare. However when hiring these one has to remember to get a padlock to secure the catch for the trailer door. Naturally we left the band “padlock” “somewhere,” so using our kiwi ingenuity we used a by product from another industry standard item (Nippy's Iced Coffee) to secure the door. Brilliant – just don't tell my insurance company (AON insurance – the only musicians insurance provider).

The Nippy's iced beverages range

The Ingenious "Straw Lock" system

Anyway we made it to Shooters in one piece, met up with Grenville from Entertainment Solutions (a good PA hire company in Wanaka), and set up for the evening. The venue was kind enough to feed us, and give us a shit load of beer (another essential touring item). Brilliant.

The bar manager that evening (I forget his name now), was a really nice dude, and asked if we could start playing early, because punters leave in droves after their “Happy Hour” finishes every evening. We obliged, and played live hip hop to a bunch of very uninterested, and mildly bemused tourists and locals. The highlight of the gig was the really drunk girl from the U.S. asking us to “play some American music.” Lewis replied,
“You came all the way over here to hear American music?”

So yeah, a pretty flat average gig. I thought we played pretty tight, and were in good spirits generally given the averageness of the situation. Fortunately we got a massive fee, and got really drunk on the band money in other bars later.

Vibrasics give Shooters the jazz hands

The next day we arose and made our way over to Revolver in Queenstown. Revolvers a pretty cool live music venue. It's got a whoppingly awesome PA system (A $100K turbosound rig), a nice interior, an enthusiastic (maybe too enthusiastic) sound man (Mark), and great bar staff. We set up, soundchecked, got an awesome burger from Fergburger, passed out for a bit in the backpackers, then went down to the venue.

Revolver at soundcheck

So basically the gig was completely dead. We didn't really care – it was our last show in Queenstown, we had a good fee, and we were going to party afterwards anyways. It must be really difficult to run a bar in Queenstown however, as there is so much competition in that town, and with such a transient crowd very little chance to try establish a meaningful culture around an establishment. The owner Jono seems to take it in good stride however, has bought the local radiostation Inferno, and is actively involved with the Queenstown skate and snowboarding community.

Revolver from Shotover street

All in all it was a pretty fun weekend away, everyone was in decent humour, and it was good to wrap up the band's business without too much trouble.


  1. holy....


    you guys must have put in some yards to earn 1.5k from shooters!!!!! how in hell did you convince them to pay you that???? I'm impressed. tell me more.


  2. Haha I have no idea! Mr David Good organised that show. Fuck man just call Shooters, and ask for Jess Shemeltz (no idea how to spell her last name) - or get in touch with Dave....

    Should mention it's probably the 4th or 5th time Vibrasics has played there (probably my 7th including The Tweeks). It's not nice, but it's worth the $$$!

  3. Your also forgetting that Vibrasics as a Niche South Island Hip Hop band affiliated with the ruthless Port Charlmers Gang 'The Kamikaze Sex Pilots' can demand a high fee where as Dunedin's most notorious car park squatters might have a hard time

    Matty Love


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