The Dux De Lux, Shitchurch 28th August

On Thursday we played at The Dux De Lux. I was lucky enough to fly up to Christchurch (or “shitchurch” as it's known in The Tweeks), as I wanted to squeeze another day of recording with the Verlaines in. This meant I missed out on the horrendously boring drive from Dunedin to Christchurch which I've done about a million times this year. Fuckin' tight.

Now I've talked about The Dux De Lux in Queenstown before, but not the Christchurch one. It is run by a very good venue manager, Ross Herrik. Ross is a very fair, straight up, pleasant dude. He is really really busy, and therefore quite difficult to get hold of to actually book a show with. However he always has time to chat to us, and seems genuinely interested in what we're up to.

I like to imagine that bars are an extension of the bar owners' personality. In this case Ross seems to be the type of fellow who enjoys cheese, cigarettes, beer, and music. The Dux De Lux pizzas have retarded amounts of cheese on them (which makes me quiver with pleasure – cheese is my favourite food). It has one of the best outdoor bar (and smoking) areas in the country, award winning beers which they brew on site, and live music 3 or 4 nights a week, almost all for free.

All in all, it's a pretty sweet place to go, though some people lament the affect the Dux's policy of no door charges has had on the shitchurch music scene, as apparently people can be pretty reluctant to pay door charges... I can't really comment as we haven't done many door gigs in shitchurch, but just puttin it out there ya'll.

We were supported by the Stefan Van Soest Hit Machine, a loose, poppy, band that remind me of old school Regurgitator and Presidents of the USA. They were fantastic. Marcus Winstanley from The Undercurrents did the sound for the gig, and the onstage sound was fuckin' bangin' for no soundcheck. Sweet.

Hit Machine!!!!

After the gig we were chaperoned by our mate Rose (who's parents play in the Bats), and took us to a party with the guys from the Insurgents, and another band oddly called Tweek. It was cool to catch up with all those cats, and smoke from their awesome Shisha thing. Bangin. Many thanks to Rose who let us crash at her place. Perfect.


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