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Okay the next day we played the Blue Pub in Methven. It was a pretty standard night at the Blue for us. Logan, Chris, and Anthony got pretty shitfaced (Logan the most, Anthony the least) pretty early in the evening, and we played like total crap. Fortunately the crowd was even drunker than them and didn't seem to notice. Hell the crowd even seemed to kinda like it.

Now playing a long set of A sides, B sides, and covers isn't a highlight for these kinds of gigs, but playing on the same bill as a band made up of 30yr old Christians* certainly is. The band in question were called The Exchange, and they were actually booked in for the Friday night before we were. I think Luke was a little dubious about the quality of The Exchange and happily booked us as well.

As to the music, let's just have a good giggle aye? If different types of music was like the different kinds of sweets at the Willowbank dairy, The Exchanges would have been a 50c “Parachute” mixture, with a covering of Creed sauce. It was pretty bad and funny at the same time. You know the kind of bad funny when you can bear to watch the band for about half a song, then you think “fuck I actually can't stand this, this is shit.”

The Exchange. Raise "The Goat" motherfucker!

Anyways after the gig I was getting drunk and high (and the rest of the Tweeks were getting drunker and high), and the Exchange came upstairs to hang out. It was pretty funny watching them smoke and not knowing really how to use a cone and stuff. Ahhhhh I could go on about it but I won't.

Anyways the next day we had to get up kinda early and drive to the shitchurch airport, for our flight to Wellington. Logan was really hungover and really didn't look too well in the back of the van. The dude doesn't drink that often so when he does he has a tenancy to go overboard, which is kinda ironic cos he really can't handle his alcohol**. Anyways we managed to get into shitchurch airport, and onto to the plane no worries – which is a first for us – The Tweeks in the past are very prone to having their flights delayed. It really fucken sucks.


We were picked up by our mate Chloe Lewis (from KOTAC) and got straight into Welli, enjoyed some curry, did a good interview with a dude (can't remember his name sorry – it was for the Late, Late Breakfast though) at Active, and got to the Mighty Mighty for setup and soundcheck.

Mighty Mighty is a fuckin great place to play. The people that run that bar, Matthew (forgotten his last name) the bar manager, Richard Neame (the events manager, big boss man), and Sally Rees (sound person) really kick arse. Rich saw on the poster that it was our video release tour, and asked us if we wanted to play the video in the bar. We said yes, and he went out of his way to organise the projector, screen, and all that hoo-nanny, which your average events manager wouldn't bother doing.

One of the support bands, the Dissentors, lent us their backline which was really awesome of them. This is pretty much the only way small touring bands can do things if they're flying, and borrowing gear can be a real headache. Often gear doesn't work, or isn't what we need etc etc, but the Dissentors stuff was fine. Fuckin' brilliant.

Sally did a great job of sound for us, with soundcheck lasting about about 20 minutes. We've had sound problems before at Mighty Mighty, but they've gone and invested a bit more money in the PA, and it was cranking.

Anyway we went back to Anthony's mum's house at Johnsonville, got a few hours chilling/sleep in, and then went back down to the venue to watch our first support band, Spoongoose play.
“Spoongoose, aren't they from Dunedin” you say. Well they are, but they moved up to Wellington a couple of months ago. They played a great set, with Alex Barker filling in for an absent Leilana Quinger (who is currently hanging out with some pinkos in Thailand). At times the crowd noise grew over there quiet acoustic songs, but mostly they managed to project their songs to a good crowd of interested listeners.

The Dissentors were really cool. The Wellington three-piece played a sweet set of noisy, twisted Dunediny pop music, that really reminded me of Onanon. I've noticed this tenancy for us to book and really get into noisy, interesting, yet sloppy sounding bands, while our band can end up sounding quite polished and poppy. Odd. Just saying.

The Dissentors ruling

We played probably our best ever North Island show. It was fuckin sweet. I'm not going to brag much more, but it really was fuckin' fun. Afterwards we Djed for a bit, until we got “distracted” by whatever was in the water, and ended up yarning away with our Wellington friends for ages. After the bar shut, Rich drank with us till about 8:30 in the morning. It was really awesome, though I really can't remember much from the hours 6 till 8:30. However this photo popped up on my phone, with the timestamp 7:47am.

Ow yeah thanks to Stu Young (from The Outsiders) for putting our posters up in Wellington. Fuckin' cheers!

*Readers should note that while I'm an Aestheist, I am not predjudiced to race, religion, gender, or sexuality. I just really hate Christian bands. Not bands that are made up of people who happen to be Christians, but bands who play “Christian Rock.” You know what I'm talking about.

**It should also be noted that when Logan is this drunk he's really really fuckin funny. In this photo you can clearly see Logan heckling someone (a Christian rocker), and me almost pissing my pants laughing.


  1. Man, that is such a beautiful photo of you & Logan. Says so much. Mwah!


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