The Thirsty Ram, 23 August, Queenstown

“Well after last night's debacle, you all get one beer each, and as many soft-drinks as you want.”
“What is this, Hell?” I mused to myself.


In a way it kind of was. It was a Saturday night, and Sunset Cinema, plus myself and the rest of the Tweeks were at The Thirsty Ram, Queenstown's latest “live music, sport, and gaming” bar (it's two weeks old). Just think a cross between Diggers, Shooters, the Grumpy Mole, and any other country/western themed bar, except that there are no windows, and it's in Queenstown, which makes it worse.

“Why are The Tweeks playing at a place like that? Aren't they weird or indie or something?” your probably thinking to yourself. Well I'll tell ya. We got $1000 plus petrol to play there. And we're the type of band that'll do almost anything to get $1000.

Anyway let me give you a run down of our experience with the venue. We arrived, and the staff (I've forgotten their names already) were really helpful with helping us load our gear out of the van, into the venue. That's the first sign that the venue was new. Helping the band. Haha. Anyways, we ended up spending about 2 hours setting up and sound checking, because our boy Matt the sound engineer was pretty disorganised, and didn't really have that much of a handle of the sound system. He kept on getting us to sing acapellas which was a particularly bizarre and funny highlight of soundcheck.

While this was happening, someone from the bar (let's call him plonker #1) was fiddling around in the DJ booth, training some weird moving lights on us, and asking us what colour lights we wanted. I said “pink.” Needless to say the gig looked terrible, as the performers were shrowded in pink-tinted darkness.

Sunset Cinema chose the "yellow" lighting option.

At any rate, come 10:30, we watched our friends from Sunset Cinema play, we played, during which we were heckled by this English chick who kept on yelling “can you play some Libertines?” I replied something in the realm of,
“Sure, this one is called 'Up The Bracket,'” and then we proceeded to play yet another original. This continued for the majority of the set, and even a little bit afterwards while we packed down our gear. Fuckin' weird. Anywho, we loaded out, got paid our full amount, and drove straight back to Dunedin, as I had a 10am start recording the next Verlaines album.


  1. Hey Buddy,
    It's "the number 1 PLONKER" here. You know, the guy that gave you $1000.00 and the pink light (that YOU asked for) to shit all over me on the internet!
    just a pleasant reminder, you "GOT PAID IN FULL!" what's with the negative bullshit, public defamation of character, slander or just plain back of the schoolard bitching, i'd expect more from my 8yr old daughter bro!
    I'm asking polightly that you discard the publication that you have written about your time at the Ram or atleast change to show some possitive attitude and in future if there is ever an issue in your life with somebody it is best that you talk to them direct as apposed to back shoulder bitching like this. I can be contacted directly on 021 0266 0458 and am please to discuss the issue further with you anytime. Yes, we are new and it is a situation of new venue to have teething issue such as what you may
    have experienced during youir time with us. just remember who paid your trip. ME! got it.
    call me:
    021 0266 0458
    DINGO (the no#1 Plonker)

  2. the thirsty ram is a fucking awesome place and the people there (bridie & co) are champions. we visited from melbourne and after visiting a few bars and finding the ram, we stayed there til close everynight then went and partied with the barstaff. i've never found a cooler bar or barstaff in my travels before.

    and just to doublecheck, they paid you $1000 and helped you setup and move your shit and you're badmouthing them?

    how's about a nice warm cup of shut the fuck up?

    for any potential visitors of the ram, i can't recommend it enough!


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