The weekend: 10 hours sleep total. Nice job dumbass

Okay so last weekend was rediculous. The Tweeks played support for OdESSA at Backstage, I did sound and DJed for the Biff Merchants gig the next night, while inbetween doing 20 hours in the studio with Graeme Downes for the new Verlaines shiz. I got about 10 hours sleep on Friday and Saturday night combined, and have myself a serious dose of tinitus by the end of it. Yep Stuart, your going to make it past 50, sure!

Anyways let me "break it down" for all you folks back home. The Tweeks played a loose, sarcastic, yet generally up-beat set on Friday night. Logan and Chris have really hit their stride with the crowd interaction thing (something we've been terrible at in the past), and is a real highlight for me to witness from behind the drumkit.

OdESSA followed, and played amazingly as always. They really are one the country's great live bands, and they're really nice guys to boot. They have two things holding them back in my view: A lack of general direction "career" wise (stop laughing), and an inability to get there live energy captured on record.

Both of these things are probably some of the hardest things to do however, but the things that in my view really get my music phallus hard when done properly. The guys in OdESSA all seem to hold down reasonably steady jobs, and have steady girlfriends, and don't really seem to communicate all that much about future plans and stuff, so haven't managed to tour OZ or elsewhere apart from NZ. And the thing is they'd clean up overseas, they're so good live.

The capturing the "live" feel thing is another difficult thing to do... I think that perhaps there choice of producer, Aidan Mills, has something to do with this. Aidan is an incredible sound engineer (especially live), but I think he failed on finding an appropriate way to capture the bands live energy. The first record has some killer songs, but sounds a bit flat. The second record has some awful songs which should have been culled, a few good ones, a little bit better production, and a little bit better live energy, but still aspects sound a bit dull - the vocals probably mostly... Also there choice of artwork (one of the emo/punk tattooists, can't think of them right now) baffled me somewhat.

Anyways I won't won't go into the Verlaines recording too much - apart from to say I met Stephen Small, the guy who plays the keyboards with Graeme when he performs acousticly, and sometimes with the Verlaines. He is an incredible piano and keyboard player, and was a pleasure to meet and record. He also plays keyboards in a band called Autozamm.

Right, onto my rant. Readers out there may know I'm not the greatest fan of Autozamm. However, know that I know that a really awesome guy plays in the band, that I have a friendly relationship with, I'm probably not going to go around slagging them off as much, because I respect the guy in the band. This got me thinking, that as the most of the reviews and stuff are done in Auckland, the reviewers probably know people in most of the Auckland bands they review, and therefore don't critique them as harshly as they would of bands where they don't know anyone (i.e. bands from Dunedin). It's so much easier to really dig into a band in which you don't know anyone.


Anywaysss onto the Biff Merchants' "Pants Optional, Pass the Parcel" party. I did sound for the Biff's and Emergency + Phone which was fine, but the highlight for me was naturally DJing my favourite music inbetween sets and after the gig, with my pants off, and wearing my Dad's fishing hat. Man I'm cool.

Robbie obviously wasn't feeling the music


  1. That's because I still had my pants on at that stage.


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