RAP and The Tweeks yo!

If I said that yes, The Tweeks had a change of format, with me on the “one and twos,” Logan MC'ing, and Chris and Anthony as dual hype men, I'd be lying. However if was to mention that we unexpected got $800 something dollars, I wouldn't be lying. Fuckin' sweet aye? Let me explain.

So in 2007 I came across the RAP (Recording Artists and Producers) fund section of PPNZ's (Phonographic Performances NZ Limited) website. It mentioned something about getting paid royalties for your music recordings being played on radio and TV, so I signed us up. And when I say signed us up, I actually mean, I half completed the process online, and failed to send in our signed hard copys of the agreement. I guess that part of the process was a needless formality, cos we still got all this extra cash. Fuckin brilliant. So if your a recording artist, get off your arse, sign yourself up for the fund, and in about a year and a half, you'll get some sweet cash. Brilliant.

Yesterday I finished mixing The Biff Merchant's album. The making of this record was perhaps the smoothest, fastest, most satisfying experience I've ever had in my time as a sound recordist/mixer. I mixed the record in 5 straight days, with very little interruption, and because we hadn't cheaped out on good recording gear, it sounds fuckin' sweet, with virtually no “fixing in the mix” carryon. I think that's the way I'm going to make records from now on – clearing 2/3 weeks out of my schedule, and trying to finish the whole thing from start to finish in one go. Not only is this better for workflow, it also results in a more focused, cohesive sounding product. Bloody brilliant. Thanks to the boys for making it such a smooth, and creatively satisfying process.

Also yesterday The Greatest Rock n Roll Band HAY MAN! had their last Dunedin show at The Backstage. Thanks to The Mentalists, Molly van Dijk, The Biff Merchants, The Julian Temple Band, and Left or Right for providing such great support. Also thanks heaps to Tom Bell for Logan Hampton for the sound and lights. It sounded and looked amazing.


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