So yeah I haven't written in awhile. This is because pretty much I want this to be a blog about the stuff I'm upto musically, and at this stage finding my feet in a new city means that making music has weaned off. It's difficult to make music in a big city when your running around trying to get an income and a place to live sorted out!!

Anyways I've been to a few gigs since I've been here - I've seen Lawrence Arabia two time, both of which were awesome. Last night Anthony and myself were the only people in the club (The Old Blue Last) getting overly exciting about seeing him and his band play - I think us singing along to "The Kinds Of Feelings That Happen On Summer Beaches" at the top of our lungs made both the audience and the band uncomfortable. Haha.

I went to Hot Chip at the Brixton Academy on Friday which was pretty amazing. The venue itself is ridiculous, it's purpose-built for pop music, has a sloping floor so you can always see, sounds amazing, and is really well organised. I hadn't listened to heaps of Hot Chip before going to the concert, but they put on a pretty decent show. It seemed to me that they were a little out of their depth with the occasion, but the crowd seemed pretty into it.

Uh that's enough, I'm hungover.


  1. the old blue last is like THE vice pub. omg stu. VICE.

  2. I know! Thank god I didn't end up in the Do's and Don't's section of their website/magazine! I would have ended up self-harming and violating myself till Christmas!


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