My job in Camden

So I started a job at this school a couple of weeks ago, in the role of Performing Art’s Technician. It was actually the first job I applied for when I first arrived in England two months ago, though I only got asked in for an interview four weeks later.

Basically my job entails maintaining the equipment in the drama and music departments, and providing technical support for either class or school production. They can employ someone like me (and another person who does a similar job in the fine arts department) because the school is an “Art College” under the national education framework. It therefore gets extra funding for equipment and support staff for its art departments.

Onto the school itself. People had warned me about London public schools, saying they are rife with gang-related violence, and the classrooms really unruly. As far as I can tell so far only the latter in true, with the teachers spending most of their time trying to keep the kids on task. So far I haven’t witnessed any stabbings though – Though I did help one kid out the other day record a rap over a “grime” track where the main hook was “This is not a child’s game.” Coming from a 14 year old I found that kinda cute. One odd thing about the school though is that only 25% of the students are girls. This is apparently due to a high percentage of girls-only schools in the area.

Anyways enough of my stupid fun-facts. Here’s some photos.

The front reception area.

Ahhhh England

There's a staff smoking area. This school officially rules!


  1. Those are some amazing lyrics but please don't get stabbed!

  2. You know that the company that provides your camera security measures in your school is the same company that produces the tampon/pad disposal units in the work toilets, as well as the automated air fresheners? Grand.


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