Okay so I got an email the other day from the South by Southwest organisers informing us that our application to showcase at the 2009 SXSW music festival was successful. Naturally I was totally stoked. We'd applied to SXSW before, and been denied, so this felt pretty good.

However now the band is faced with the mammoth task of trying to raise enough money for plane tickets, accommodation, and visas for the US. Adding to our problems is fact that half of the band still resides in Dunedin, New Zealand, while the other half are in London.

Now I've always been the (often foolish and overly confident) optimist in the band. I personally think we can pull this one off, but I think the others have very real concerns about how the hell we're going to raise this cash. The only other band from Dunedin to have actually managed to go in the last 10 years or so has been Die!Die!Die! and I think they had managed to tie it into their existing touring commitments in the US.

So yeah, anyone got any good ideas? HELP!


  1. Decent!

    that's really awesome. but the intetrnet has been a little lacking in supplying you with instant and easy ways to get there aye...

    I think you should go. How about you get a fake texan passport, then get busted for something (might as well be a fun thing while you're at it) and get deported - right to the festival! Thank you Mother England.


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