2nd London Gig: fulangchangandi @ The Good Ship, Kilburn


So on Wednesday night I had my first gig with post-rock/noise (though Matt reckons "instrumental rock") band fulangchangandi. I met Stuart Gardenham and Nick Peel through Gumtree.com, a London-based online classifieds directory. Gumtree is also a good place to look for flats, bar work, random stereo equipment, and all the rest - though there's heaps of scammers, prostitutes etc, as can be expected for a site of this nature based in a massive city like London. Anthony from The Tweeks also plays in this band as well, which makes making the band sound half-way tight easier.

Canyons rockin' it
Anyway so yeah onto the gig. Nick (the "brains" behind the operation) basically set out to book us a few low-profile, low pressure gigs to get us into the swing of playing together live. As far as these types of gigs go, The Good Ship in Kilburn isn't a bad one. It's got a reasonable PA + sound engineer, decent beer (despite they actually sell VB by the bottle. You can imagine my pleasure at putting on a faux Auzzie accent and loudly demanding "a bottle of the green death." Anyway I digress), a house drum kit, and a pretty good atmosphere. On the minus side it's way the fuck out in Kilburn, which is about an hour from anywhere worth living (haha Matt), and the stage is in a weird "orchestra pit" style setup that wigged me out and does funny things to the sound.

At the gig only one other band was any good (apart from us of course!). The other two were plain embarrassingly bad. Emphatica were a really shit punk rock band, and Only Until played a very misguided attempt at instrumental post-rock. Pony. However Canyons were a pretty interesting "textural" noise rock band. At least put it this way, I like them enough that I'd probably go watch a gig of theirs if it was in the weekend, they were playing close to my flat, and it wasn't expensive. So yeah, pretty good.

Anthony and I doing what we do best


  1. AWESOME!!!!

    I just checked out the myspace for your new band and I'm pretty impressed. Cool tunes.

  2. Living in Kilburn keeps you independent your instincts sharp, concealed screw drivers galore make a man's eyes sharp and watchful

    Seriously though, I'm gonna get stabbed out here, I'm leaving. Two stabbing in the block I work on while I'm working in two weeks is enough.

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