Fulangchangandi Recording, SAE Dalston, 11th-12 of April, 2009

Over Easter fulangchangandi I recorded a 4 track EP at the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) studios in Dalston. This was facilitated by Hugh Harlow, a mate of mine from back in Dunedin, who now works at SAE as a lecturer. Hugh and I go back quite a way; He’s done sound for bands that I’ve played in for years, and we actually worked together for a while at ReFuel doing live sound before he moved to Auckland. Hugh also brought along one of his top students, Matteo Manni to help out which was pretty cool.

Hugh infront of the Neve Genesys

Anyway Hugh needed more experience recording bands on the fancy new equipment at SAE, and he offered me some free recording time so he could clock up his hours on the equipment. This sounded pretty good to me and the guys at the fulang, so we made a plan, and rocked up to the studio on the Saturday. We hired a bunch of backline and other equipment from a company called FX Rentals, who delivered it to our door on.

Anthony and Stu G having "quiet time"

It was really awesome being recorded by Hugh. For a start, he’s an awesome, chilled out guy. Secondly it’s such a relief to be able to do musicy things with people who know you, have heard you play before, and understand how you like to work. We ended up recording 4 tracks completely in just one day! Brilliant!

"Yeah, can you make my drums sound like Lars Ulrich?"

So after recording we sent the tracks to Dale Cotton, a pretty famous sound engineer from Dunedin. I just realised blogger doesn't let you post up sound files so I can't upload anything to here. I don't really wanna stick them up on myspace or last.fm yet, but if anyone can think of a spot I could put them up then let me know! Either that or I can email 'em to yas.

Anthony being all moustachey

Nick likes boxing


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