Two bland gigs with the fulang

Hope & Anchor, Highbury, Monday 30 March

Two weeks ago we (fulangchangandi) played at the Hope & Anchor in Highbury. It was the first in a series of gigs we booked for March/April which were designed specifically to get us used to playing with each other, in the low pressure enviroment of London's mid-week, small venue, shit gig circuit. I'd already been to the Hope & Anchor to watch ex-pat band El Schlong play, so I wasn't particularly surprised by our experiences there; H&A are booked by Bugbear Bookings, the same company that books the Dublin Castle. In my experience they're great at booking often shit, completely uncomplimentary bands. However while the stage at the Dublin Castle is actually nice to play on, H&A's is cramped, nasty sounding and generally unpleasant. The other bands were so bad myself, Anthony, and a few other derelicts spent the rest of the evening in the nearby park drinking cheap beer.

The fulang playing/faux-practicing at the Hope & Anchor

The Miller, Borough, Thursday 8 April

Basically the same scenario as above, however it wasn't booked by Bugbear. Didn't stop the other bands being terrible hard-rock bands though. However the sound was a bit better, and the staff there were much nicer than the crappy old H&A. It was also the end of the working week for me so I got absolutely slaughtered.

The next blog will be much more interesting, I promise!


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