How to release an EP in 2009

When releasing an EP, you need to get quite a few things in place, namely: A recording, a music medium, packaging, artwork, a press pack, distribution, and a release party. What follows is a description of how we went about releasing fulangchangandi’s debut EP to “the masses.”

The recording: I’ve already covered this one in the below blog, but the long and short of it was we got our friends to do it for free/cheap.

Music medium: After weighing up the options in front of us (CD, Super Audio CD, vinyl, usb sticks, wax cylinders, cassette tapes, laser disc), Fulangchangandi opted for the CD-R medium. We were so cheap we didn’t even bother getting printable ones. Yep, it was a pack of dirty old CD-Rs from a supermarket. I made Stu G write on them with a marker pen.

Packaging: While drunk one night, we were talking about how shit the jewel case is (the normal CD case you find everywhere). So we came up with the fulang-sandwich, or alternatively, the fulangchangand-rye. Utilizing two pieces of supermarket loaf, a clear plastic CD slip, and some clingfilm, it is a pioneer in packaging technology.

Photos by Otman Gusbi


Great minds at work: Creating our branded sandwiches. Photos by Jenna Todd.

Press Pack: Well you need a photo, and a little blurb.


“A wave of emotion swept over a crowd gathered at Eisenhower Auditorium last night. At one moment, members of the crowd could be seen shouting in laughter. Minutes later, tears were pouring out of their eyes. The event that moved the crowd to such animation was a speech made by fulangchangandi, the founder and President of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of the Ridiculous. Fulang attracted an audience which filled three-fourths of the floor seating in the auditorium. His speech was titled "Is Jesus a Tory or a Socialist?" and Fulang, who is also a Professor of Ridiculousness at Some College, St. David's, Liverpool, said the answer to the question his speech and book title pose is, "Jesus is neither a Tory nor a Socialist - I'm not even sure he would vote in this election."”


50% Northern England/50% Southern Hemisphere.

The press photo. Design by Stuart Gardham

Distribution: Ah, um, ahhhh, you can download it at, Or download higher quality mp3s at, Or if you come to a show you might get lucky and get a fulangchangand-rye in the face.

Release party: Now this is one thing we kind of did right. Well, not really… We got to play at really awesome noise rock night, and we threw a few sandwiches around. But anyway we played at a “Rip This Joint” night, at this fantastic venue in Camden called The Constitution. The pub is a pretty normal local bar, with a fantastic outside area right by the canal. Downstairs is a really small little room with a bar that is sometimes used as a venue. This is probably my favourite place to play in London so far, and is definitely the best venue I’ve watched bands at. It’s just so full of energy! The crowd it often literally face to face with the bands the venue is so small! It also helps that the guys who run the “Rip This Joint” book really wicked touring bands.

I think Otman took this one

Scul Hazzards. This was actually at a different night, but shows how close the audience is to the bands.


  1. It's kinda awesome that the tweeks have split into two different bands that are both obviously completely jaded/retarded when it comes to releasing music. Rich and I put together our CDs in al bar and completely forgot them when we went on tour.

  2. Yep,

    We definately are retarded. The Tweeks were retarded as well, except we tried to fight it. At least now we embrace the retardation.

  3. Cool blog btw, I look forward to hearing the goss!


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