New career oppurtunity... Session guitarist!

This is a little video of me playing in The Thorns. The band was part of an extra-curricular music project we did with neighboring primary schools in the area at my work. The kids all came together, did a bunch of workshops on songwriting and contemporary performance, culminating in writing and performing their own song. It's pretty cute.

If anyone who is related to these kids sees this video and has a problem, please get in touch with me on stu dot harwood at g mail dot com, and I'll take it down ASAP.


  1. Firstly, that song is actually pretty damn sweet.

    Secondly, I just love it when you play guitar. I'm surprised you didn't manage to fit in any reduction agents riffs in there.

  2. This is awesome Stuey! x

  3. HA! Tight man. I love when you lose your guitar strap- just like Clapton on The Last Waltz

  4. Man, that's astonishingly awesome.


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