Gigs, gigs, gigs

Okay so it's been awhile since I last blogged. Apologies.

Anyway the fulang have played a bunch of gigs in that time, some brilliant (Rip This Joint All-Dayer), some shit (Up All Night Music shows), some in-between.

I can't really be bothered talking about the shit nights we've played this time around, apart from explaining that our gig at Tommy Flynn's was a soul-less, non-cohesive, rip-off of a gig. It was run by Up All Night Music, a booking/"promo" company. Basically they just get a bunch of random bands together which sound nothing alike, are usually shit, and make them play at the same night. The bands get ripped off, and in turn, so do the audience. Doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, onto a more positive note. We got the awesome opportunity to play at an all-dayer run by the Rip This Joint promoters. Rip This Joint are a collective of a few bands who put on nights at the Constitution in Camden. We played one of their nights a few months ago, and have been in touch with them ever since. They basically do the opposite of Up All Night et. all, which is put on great shows, with well thought out line-ups, with good bands, and not leave the audience or the bands feeling ripped off.

The all-dayer was at The Krankenhouse, a massive squat in Crouch End. The first half of the gig was outside, and the second half was moved inside. Mad props to Julie R. Kane ( for letting me post her photos.

The fulang opened the festival. We were hungover as fuck beforehand, and felt ace after playing. I love music.

One Man Team Dance played in-between the bands in various locations around the squat. BTW this shitty photo is from me.

Silent Front. These guys have been playing in London for years and seriously rule.

November Fleet. I hadn't heard these guys before but they were really bloody good.

Cherry But No Cake. These guys are the nicest guys in the "music industry" I've met in London. They also play in a pretty classic band.

SCUL HAZZARDs. These guys are probably my favourite grassroots band. They're from Australia, and sound like the Pixies crossed with Future Of The Left or something.


  1. hi there. we awere wondering if you had some more krankenhouse photos we could use on our website. thanks, krankenhouse (tails)


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