The Outsiders @ The Windmill

A few months ago, Stu Young from The Outsiders asked me if I could organise them a gig in London for them. I put the feelers out around a bunch of promoters, and had a decent response. Because cash for them was a priority, I went for the venue which did the best deal: The Windmill (They’re one of the few venues in London which will let bands take the full amount on the door…).

So yeah they were joined by the Fulang, and a new band called “Spike The Punch,” which I understand features some of the members from NZ punk band Missing Teeth. The Fulang were comfortably the band that stuck out like a sore thumb, and some of the filthy old punks didn’t seem that impressed with our sound. Nevertheless a big bunch of our friends all came out to support The Outsiders, which was really awesome. They took a big risk coming over to Europe to tour, and I think it worked out pretty well for them. They played really well, and it was awesome seeing Stu and Niam again.

The Outsiders

In other (now old) fulang news, Anthony had to go home about a month ago, due to some pretty stink family reasons. Matt Brook did the decent thing and played bass for us at the show, after only two practices! He played really well, and I was well proud of him.

Matt stepping up to the plate


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