Julian Temple Band Tour, Jan-Feb 2010

As my computer crapped out on me a few days before going on tour, I wasn’t able to update my blog while on the road. Dumb. As a result, I’ll just do a quick recap on the 4 weeks I did touring doing live sound with the Julian Temple Band this summer.

The Julian Temple Band like to tour in a way that maximises enjoyment. This means plenty of stop-offs for surfing, bakery sampling, and boutique brewery tastings, along with the usual tour highlights of regular alcohol and drug abuse. I was in high heaven. While this sometimes was at the expensive of punctuality with showing up for soundchecks and other various music related tasks, the fellas in the band didn’t seem concerned, and as I was just the sound guy, I didn’t give a rats arse.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Sideways, you’ll get an idea of the general vibe and feeling of the tour.

Here are a few highlights…

- Eating the most delicious meal ever, and hanging out with the hilarious bar staff at The Powder Room in New Plymouth.

So. Delicious.

-Watching Billy T.K. at Parihaka. He was probably the only act I enjoyed at the festival, but holy shit did he make up for it. If you ever have the opportunity see this guy play, make sure you do. You won't regret it. He dubs himself "The Maori Jimi Hendrix."

An old press photo of Billy T.K.

- Having a 70 yr old gay man asking me if I had a “stiffy” outside the Lounge Bar in Carterton. Naturally all the locals in the bar knew the guy, didn't warn me about this character, and found the whole episode (which lasted longer than it should have) hilarious.

The lounge bar during daytime, sans creepy old men.

- Raglan. The owner Peter Coddington is a legend. Forget all the other Raglan venues, and stick to the Yot Club.

The Yot Club

- Tutakaka. One of the more beautiful parts of the country, on the east coast of Northland. We played at a bar/restaurant called Schnappa Rock. I've never witnessed the wealthy Northland locals/tourists combo in a live music situation before, which was a nice novelty. It was also the gig we had the smallest PA, and ironically one of the more pumping dance floors. The staff treated us brilliantly as well.

A beach near Tutukaka.

- Playing for a rich Aucklander’s 21st at the Juice Bar in Parnell. It was fuckin’ weird. It reminded me of a cross between “My Super Sweet 16” and “The Hills”.

Canadia playing support at the Juice Bar.

- Having the please of playing The Mussel Inn in Golden Bay. The Mussel Inn is probably the best venue in the country, period. Beautiful site, great on-site brews, decent PA, amazing accommodation, and lovely people. It's no wonder they're booked out all this year, and a decent chunk of next year already.

One half of the brains behind the Mussel Inn, Andrew.

Paul playing awesome at the Mussel.

Some stink things that happened that I should mention...

- Running out of gas on the long drive from Carterton to Auckland... Thank fuck for Scott having an AA members card. Never go on tour without one fellas.

- Getting 2 guitars, and a bunch of PA equipment nicked out of our truck in Auckland. That really sucked.

- Having a gig cancelled on us 2 days beforehand. FYI The Marahau Park Café is no longer having gigs. It’s a bit of a long, stupid story, but ask me about it in person one day and I’ll give you the full drama of how the Julian Temple Band got slightly screwed over by them.

That aside I had a really awesome time, and I have to extend thanks to Jules, Paul, Scott, and Levi (aka Ferris Bueller) for having me. Cheers fellas!


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