Weekend in The Lab

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working in The Lab, a studio in Mount Eden, with my good ol' pal Thom Healy. It was pretty freakin' cool.

Over the years I've known him, Thom has become a bit of a production wizard, and has started racking up some good projects with the likes of Simon Comber, Die! Die! Die!, and various others. He's also been beavering away on his own music, and got me to lay down some drums on some of his and some of Simon's tracks.

Thom relaxing with his favorite studio tipple.

I really enjoy playing drums over tracks that are basically finished. There's a nice level of pressure to get the track right, yet there's no distracting mistakes from other musicians to put me off playing properly. I'm also a total drum and studio geek, so it's an awesome opportunity try and get really bangin' drum tones.

"Did you put a Sony C37P on snare drum? You crazy crazy man. Let me buy you a beer."

On the Saturday I helped Thom record Popstrangers, an up-and-coming Auckland band. They were really nice fellas, and were really great players. Good songs too.


In short The Lab is an awesome studio. It's got really great gear, and is a really nice space. It's bugger all to hire out compared to the other Auckland studios out there, yet is pretty much on par in terms of functionality - there's just no fancy leather couches or open minibars.


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