Breathtaking Recklessness And A Jet-Propelled Car

In the mail the other month(!) I received this from Nick in London (from fulangchangandi):

It's a compilation of DIY noise/hardcore bands from London. Fulangchangandi's "Emergency" is the last track on the 15-strong track CD. Kinda cool. It was put out by the band Yokozuna.

I'm not sure how common this kind of thing is in the UK, and abroad, but in New Zealand you almost never hear of bands releasing compilations of their friends/peers music. Cool idea though!

Anyways we (the fulang) know the Yokozuna guys through the Rip This Joint! DIY community in London (who I've blogged about before). They're all really nice guys, and pretty unrelentingly DIY.

In fulangchangandi news, Nick, Stu G, and Matt are still playing around London, which is really awesome.

Okay gotta go.


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