Hannah Curwood, One2One cafe

On the 13th of December I played my first gig for Hannah Curwood at a wee cafe in Ponsonby called One2One.

Cafe gigs always feel a bit weird to me.

Firstly, I hate the feeling of resentment I get from customers who are trying to enjoy their food and drink while the band moves tables around, hauls gear, makes noise etc. I've also noticed that inbetween the time that the band sets up, and the actual gig time (which could be up to 4 hours), less people come into the cafe to eat and drink than normal, and I hate the accusatory glances from the cafe owners.

Then when it comes to the actual gig, the cafe is usually under-staffed, and can't keep up with drink orders. People tend to sit around awkwardly and cramped, and often don't really have anywhere to go if they decide they need a break from the music.

On the plus side, the volumes of these types of shows are usually pretty low, and there's no potential for a sound engineer to get in there and make things sound worse. Plus you can actually book one of these shows in Auckland a couple of months in advance!

The big 'HC' herself. Photo courtesy of Roel Wilson.

Anyway I had only had three practices with the band, but I thought we got through the set without embarrassing ourselves. I'm looking forward to "sinking my teeth" into the arrangements with the band in the future, as that's been an element of Hannah's live show I've been critical of in the past. So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how this project will go.


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