The big H.C hits WT

A wee while back I played with the Hannah Curwood band down in Wellington, along with Bond Street Bridge and Little Bark. I had mixed feelings about how the show was going to go, what with Tom Healy recently leaving the band, and not knowing anything at all about where we were playing, Meow.

Let's be honest here, Tom made a huge racket in the band. The guy's got more pedals in his rig than most bands use collectively. He'd been a part of the band since it's inception (I'm pretty sure), and it when I found out he was going, I had trouble imagining how the band would sound. Thankfully Sam Prebble and Rebecca Travaglia are monster musicians, and managed to somewhat make up for the loss of Tom.

Sophie Burberry playing at Meow, Wellington
Little Bark played support. Image courtesy Michael Edge-Perkins.

As to the venue, I actually had a really good experience at Meow. It's a cute cafe down a back alley off Victoria Street, with great bar staff, a reasonable sound system, and generally welcoming vibe. I'd liken the place to Wine Cellar in Auckland, but with a less dingy, dark feel. There were a few discrepancies regarding things like sound techs and promotion, which initially had us a bit concerned, but at the end of the day things got worked out with a minimum of tension.

Hannah Curwood band playing at Meow Wellington
Me, H.C, and Sam Prebble. Image courtesy Michael Edge-Perkins.

Damian, the dude that runs the place is perhaps a little bit wet behind the ears with promoting and running gigs, but he is enthusiastic, has his heart in the right place, and appears to be able to run the cafe/bar side of the business pretty well.

So yeah, despite the lack of Tom the band played really well, and thanks to that, plus some pretty epic partying I left Wellington feeling pretty sweet. If you wanna play a mellow show in Wellington, give Meow a spin.

Hannah Curwood Band at Meow, Wellington
Rebecca Travaglia. Image courtesy Michael Edge-Perkins.


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