Week darn’ sarf with Tono and the Finance Company

A couple of weeks ago Tono and I flew down to Dunedin to get some pre-production done on his upcoming album and to play the Feastock after party. We had initially blocked this time off for recording the album, but unfortunately a number of factors got in the way over summertime, leaving the band in no shape to do the songs justice.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise however. Tono, Bugs, Paul, myself, and sometimes Logan (aka The Edge) busted our guts through six tracks, to great success. I have to admit that while practicing in Bug’s freezing cold North East Valley garage made me feel somewhat sentimental of my old Dunedin days, it was in fact was pretty darn gruelling. We were playing for about 6-8 hours a day, racking our brains to get decent rhythm section arrangements for more than half an album. We got there in the end (I think!), so hopefully we should be sweet to record in July with Tex Houston.

The garage

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my first Feastock. For those not in the know, Feastock is an annual day-concert run out of the back of a flat in Pine Hill. Responsible for this revelation in DIY partying are Steve Marshall, Callum Hampton and his brother Logan. This is the third year Feastock has run, and the boys have got it running like clockwork. They resold all 500 tickets for the event, installed a massive stage, port-a-loos, and even had free buses to the after party down at refuel later on.

Look how many people!

The gig truly was a celebration of what it means to be young, into music, and living in Dunedin. I happily joined the gumboot-clad party-goers, spending the whole day listening to a pretty eclectic mix of bands, sipping from Darren’s rigger of Emersons, and catching up with old friends. Seriously, the only parties I could compare it to in terms of awesomeness and DIY-ness would be the ones run by Blink (of Camp A Low Hum fame).

Thundercub rule

Later in the evening I played with Tono and the Finance Company at the Feastock after party at Refuel. It was great to play a show with the Dunedin Finance Company – it’s a messier, louder, rowdier beast than the Auckland line-up, and I think we played the best we had in ages. Blasting a pumping live show was really good for the band’s confidence, and it was great to go out of Dunedin on such a high note.

Soulseller (rule)

All in all, a solid trip to Dunedin. Thanks to everyone who made my time so awesome. Peace!


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