The Beast is unleashed

I'm not sure totally when Proton Beast released the little mini EP, it might have been yesterday when Westley put the songs on bandcamp, or today, when I linked to it on Facebook. Either way, Proton Beast's debut digital mini-EP has been "released".

Readers, you probably don't even know what I'm babbling about, let me backtrack a little.

At the start of last year I'd just moved to a new city, was broke, and wasn't involved in any music. I posted an ad on gumtree mentioning I was a drummer keen to work on interesting musical projects, but was disappointed with the feedback I was getting. It seemed the only people making music in Auckland in early 2010 were pairs of bedroom guitarists wanting to get their "punk/funk/radiohead/red hot chilli peppers" project out gigging.

So I deleted the old ad and put uploaded a new one, basically telling those people to not bother contacting me, and quoted a bunch of wanky bands I was into. Only one person ever replied, Westley Holdsworth. He emailed me, mentioning that he too was a fan of Sunn O))) and Liars, and that we should meet up for a beer.

9 months, several gallons of homebrew, and a handful of trips to Spicy House later, David Good was recording our fancy new two-piece band at the University of Auckland studio. Not a bad facility overall: Nice room, reasonable mic selection, oddball digital desk, kinda crap monitors. Most importantly, free! Dave was pretty awesome for a dude new to recording, and was patient with our fluffing around.

Later I mixed the tracks at The Lab, with Tom Healy helping out. It was mixed entirely with hardware - no plugins were used at all. Tom was super helpful, both with showing me how to fly the Neve, giving great feedback, and bringing some pretty crazy ideas to the table.

So anyway, there you go, that's the guts of the band/mini-EP.

Brain dump over.


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