The last dance.

When I first moved to Auckland I initially had real trouble finding work, and as a result quickly became desperately broke. To cut a long story short, I ended up DJing at primary and intermediate school discos. I’ve been doing it ever since about May last year, and hopefully I’ve done my last one for quite a while.

Here are a few images and a video that should give an idea of what it was like.

A note from my boss, which he'd left for me in one of his CD wallets.

My view at the beginning of a disco.

DJing for a junior school. It's true that the music taste gets worse as they get older. I can actually get away with playing 60's rock n roll with young ones.

Even Santa likes to dance.

Mid disco at an intermediate school. Notice how light it is outside.

Oh lordy this is the weirdest job I've ever done.


  1. hahaha! the video! what the hell was that thing when they were all in lines going round in a circle? weird!

  2. That's the Teddy Bear's Picnic dance!


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