2000 & Blood

A couple of weeks ago me and Westley put down the majority of the Proton Beast EP, 2000 & Blood. As of Thursday, we're off on tour to promote its release. Hopefully the cassette tapes we got made up will have arrived in time for our tour. In the meantime, the EP is right now as a "pay as you like" download on bandcamp.

Our mate Mookie made up these sweet posters.

Our genius friend Alex Bennett recorded it all live (no overdubs) on 8-track reel to reel. It had to be one of the most satisfying recording experiences I've had, and I'm pretty damn stoked with the results.

Alex helping build the guitar stack.

The 8 track.

Anywho it'd be awesome to see everyone over the next week or two, so pop down and say hi.


  1. Reel 2 reel 4 life. Fuck that is awesome. good shit guys

  2. feck-cellente! good lads. shame youre not coming over so we could do a gig together. well, get drunk anyways yes.


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