Simon and The Verlaines

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of going on tour as Simon Comber's drummer, supporting The Verlaines, and Crow. We played one night in Auckland, two nights in Sydney, and two in Melbourne.

The tour was mostly organised by Peter Fenton from Crow. I thought he did a pretty solid job, given the pretty difficult task of promoting and running around after The Verlaines, along with organising his own band.

The Verlaines were a bit shaky on the first couple of shows, but I was startled at how good they sounded by the end of the tour. Graeme Downes still has to be one of the greatest live musicians I've ever seen live.

I relished the opportunity to hang out in the boho suburbs of Newtown and Enmore in Sydney, I'd not given Sydney much of a chance in the past, but it really does have some pretty nice spots.

Thanks to Peter, Simon, and The Verlaines for having me along!

Peter doing his solo thing at the Red Rattler, Sydney. The turnout for this show was pretty slim.

Our amazing accommodation in Sydney, courtesy of Peter's sister. Wow! LOOK AT IT.

Time out: Graeme and Stephen talking shit in Sydney.

Simon Comber's band performing at Spectrum, Sydney.

The Verlaines, Spectrum.

Yah Yah's, Melbourne. This was by far my favourite show of the tour. All the bands played excellently, and there was a really great crowd.

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. Another great show.

Crow slayed.


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