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Finished Board Tracker

Specs: Top speed: 60 km/h Range: 50 km Output power (electrical): 3kW Battery voltage: 52V Battery capacity: 24.5Ah Bluetooth lock Components: Frame: GT Dyno Ultra Glide Wheels: GT Dyno Ultra Glide (26") Hubs: Shimano XT M756 disc series Forks: Ruff Cycles Double Down 600mm Handlebars: Ruff Cycles Coffee Bar Seat: Brooks Flyer Headlight: Modified LED headlight from Aliexpress  Tail light: Meilan X5 B Motor: Cyclone 3000 Controller: Cyclone 3000 stock 60A  Battery type: Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh Battery configuration: 14S7P BMS: Green bike kit 80A with bluetooth lock

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