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Battery box part 2

Once the box laminates were all glued together, it was time to work out how to hang it off the bike, and paint it up. I'd already gone and bought some aluminium clamps from Pacific Customs, as I'd seen Jeff Wolf use them in his ebike build. Jeremy and I agreed that we'd be best to fashion a sheet metal plate to attach to the clamps, which we would in turn fix to the wooden battery box.

The clamps were slightly too small for the seat tube, so Jeremy bore them out a little on the CNC router. 

He then designed a mounting plate in Solidworks, and cut it out of stainless steel using the water jet cutter.

Matching holes were then cut into the flat face of the box. Jeremy did this with a more "manual" mill, using more traditional machine shop techniques. The box was then fitted with threaded inserts for the mounting plate and the lid.

After the box was drilled it was time to get sanding and painting. My friend David Parker coached me through the whole thing. He recomme…

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