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Controller housing and wiring.

One of great features of the Dyno Ultra Glide donor frame is that it comes with a mock gas tank.  While not big enough to stuff full with batteries, it is the perfect place to stash the controller and the main fuse. Here's a few photos of how I made it work.

Holes were drilled into the base of the gas tank, and cable glands fitted. This serves two purposes: Cable access, and added structural integrity.

The controller fit snug in the tank after filing down the case a bit, and covering it with bubble wrap. The original connectors were quite bulky, so most were chopped off, and the accessories soldered directly instead.

I chose a Mini ANL type for the main fuse. This was the smallest fuse type I could find with an 80 amp rating. This was tucked in the back of the tank.
I found a nice simple kill switch on Alibaba, which I wired in to the controller.

Once all the connections were wired and heat-shrinked, the cables were finally tidied with some loom tubing.

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