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Disc brake conversion

I decided early on that I wanted disc brakes on this bike. They'll provide the necessary stopping power for the 2000 watts of power that I expect this thing to put out, and hopefully look a bit bogan. Unfortunately the Dyno frame doesn't have mounts for the disc brake callipers. This wasn't a problem for the front wheel, as it's easy enough to fit new forks. However, for the rear wheel something more involved was necessary.
I'd seen this guy from California who runs a shop called Wolf Creative Customs make his own rear dropout attachments. Basically he'd machined extensions for his rear dropout, and drilled out disc brake mounts. This extends the wheel base, and adds more space for batteries behind the seat post.
My friend Jeremy very kindly offered to help with designing and fabricating the dropouts. We took the bike into his work and started playing around with ideas. We got inspiration from the dropouts made by Paragon Machineworks, and also managed to find…

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