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Battery welding

Lately I've been occupied with welding e-bike batteries. I ran into a ton of problems trying to get the process right, so rather than my usual blow-by-blow diatribe of how I put something together, I've just outlined my learnings, and posted a few photos of my progress. Hopefully this is helpful to others having trouble.
I had to make a new battery pack for Jenna before I could start on my cruiser. Her bike had just come back from being at MOTAT, and her pack had significantly degraded.  One of the things I struggled with was finding good advice for troubleshooting my particular issues.  Where I looked first:E Bike School
Endless Sphere Equipment and parts I used:Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA cells, (the same you find in a Tesla) Sunkko 709A 220V welder 0.2mm pure nickel strips Before starting I wish I'd known: The best way to dial in your welder parameters is to do a test weld with two bits of nickel, and inspect the underneath side of the weld. If you can't see obvious wel…

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