Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Snare Bed

No, I haven't done a Tom Healy and started sleeping with my instrument. I had a snare bed cut into my new drum shell by old-school drum kit guru Bruce King out in Waterview, Auckland.

Bruce King in his amazing workshop.

The snare bed is a groove on the "snare side" drum rim, which allows the wires to be pressed up against the drum. The concept is explained best at this post on I don't really have any experience with this kind of thing, so I decided to have it cut out by a professional.

Bruce King is this really awesome, friendly, knowledgeable dude who's been a drum maker for years. Everyone I ask in Auckland about this project says "ask Bruce". He was genuinely interested in my ideas, and had some great advice. He asked about my playing style and how I wanted the drum to sound, and had the bed cut accordlingly. Awesome!

The finished snare bed. Can you see it?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Acrylic drumkit project

So I've been wanting a clear acrylic drum kit for ages. Problem being, the old ones are prone to cracks and splits, the new ones are ridiculously expensive (approx. $5K US new) and hard to find in NZ. Now I've had a saved Trademe search going for ages for one of these, and a couple of weeks ago some un-drilled, clear, RCA Starlite shells popped up. $650, and a trip to Onehunga later, those babies were mine!

So now I thought I'd document the process of putting this thing together for the hell of it.

The shells. I find myself tripping over them due their glassiness.

It's going to be a mission getting this thing made up. Since this is going to be my "dream kit" to last me years, I 'm going to totally go to town on buying decent quality, blingin' looking hardware. This means importing from the US, at this stage I'm thinking from The Precision Drum Company. Then comes drilling, assembly, skinning, etc.

First step, getting the snare bed cut.

Watch this space.