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My job in Camden


The Windmill, Brixton


Fuck you Air New Zealand!

First UK music "industry" experience. Haha laughworthy

RAP and The Tweeks yo!

No blog for two weeks! WTF??

The weekend: 10 hours sleep total. Nice job dumbass

Methven and Wellington

The Dux De Lux, Shitchurch 28th August

The Thirsty Ram, 23 August, Queenstown

Tweeks 160 Characters Gig.

The Tweeks re-press self-titled album

Future Sound Of Edin @ The Backstage

A busy week for The Tweeks

Vibrasics pay Lewis' Mum

RFM Leaving Party @ Sammy's

"160 Characters" video up on Youtube!

The Alan Ibell Band, with Tono & The Finance Company and The Biff Merchants

The Tweeks in Queenstown

The Wicks and Sunset Cinema Tour July

Coughing and gagging on vomit

I feel sick in my mouth

Recording drums for Al Ibell, take 1