Thursday, 24 June 2010

NZONAIR Funding Review

Just a quick note for those who don't yet know...

NZ ON AIR are undertaking a full-scale review of their music funding operations. You can have your say here. If you've got an opinion about NZ ON AIR, make sure it's heard!

NZ ON AIR's music funding initiatives have been under scrutiny recently from the popular press. Here's a couple of articles which I enjoyed...

I personally feel that if the staff at NZ ON AIR wanted to keep their jobs long term, they should have conducted this review, and adjusted their operations while they had a Labour government controlling their funding. As it stands, they're going to be submitting a (most probably) scathing report of their performance to a National government, who will most likely take an axe to their operating budget, and heads will roll. Not very smart at all.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tono releases "Tuesday Evening"

I've been helping out my pal Tono by attempting to generate some press and radio interest for the release of his upcoming EP Fragile Thing.

Yesterday the track was sent to various programme directors and DJs around the country. You have no idea how many of these people have crappy email inboxes which can't handle emails larger than 10MB. Bloody useless.

But anyways, the kind folks at Radio One are featuring the track this week, and you can download it for FREE. Do it!

I got the album artwork yesterday... It looks awesome... Watch this space! In the meantime check out Tono's fancy new press photo!