Snare Bed

No, I haven't done a Tom Healy and started sleeping with my instrument. I had a snare bed cut into my new drum shell by old-school drum kit guru Bruce King out in Waterview, Auckland.

Bruce King in his amazing workshop.

The snare bed is a groove on the "snare side" drum rim, which allows the wires to be pressed up against the drum. The concept is explained best at this post on I don't really have any experience with this kind of thing, so I decided to have it cut out by a professional.

Bruce King is this really awesome, friendly, knowledgeable dude who's been a drum maker for years. Everyone I ask in Auckland about this project says "ask Bruce". He was genuinely interested in my ideas, and had some great advice. He asked about my playing style and how I wanted the drum to sound, and had the bed cut accordlingly. Awesome!

The finished snare bed. Can you see it?


  1. Had to go and read that article as I had no idea what you were on about.

    I like the bit at the end "...from 1936... It was important then, and is still important now."

    It's amazing the things are are important that I don't know about. Heh.

  2. Bruce is awesome! He does all the repair work (or used to) for RMTC.


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