Paquin 'II'

So Paquin are releasing our 2nd EP, 'II'. Tom spent the most amount of time on it producing that I've ever seen anyone spend on music. Though that probably says more about my low standards and laziness than Tom's' fastidiousness.

Listen for yourself at

I hope you guys like it, we're off on tour as of today, it would be wicked to see y'all.

Jenna did the cover art, it's all shiny!

Ian Craig Young Brown also did a video for us, paid for by you, the taxpayer.  He patiently listened to us, didn't get pissed off when we warped his ideas, and went off and made the thing. He managed to deliver it on time too, which is particularly important for someone like me.

"Quiet Heart"

Here's the tour poster which Lucinda McConnon did for us. The photo was taken by Jenna "The Jizzler" Todd at the theatre I work at.

 Lucinda's tour poster


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