Jenna's bike

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on here. Been too darn busy releasing records with my pals in Proton Beast and Anthonie Tonnon and the Successors. Somewhere in there I also built a TR-808 drum machine, but since it was just from a kit I didn't think it was blog-worthy.

Anyways in other news, I've decided my next project is putting together an E-bike for my girlfriend Jenna. It's worthwhile me doing it, as I can get some of the more expensive bits (i.e. the battery) for free from work, and liberally plunder the senior dudes for advice.

In terms of requirements, the bike has to:

  • be really easy to ride;
  • not look dorky;
  • not require a change of clothes;
  • be breakdown-proof;
  • be able to carry a reasonable amount of cargo;
  • be powerful enough to deal with Auckland hills; and
  • have a range long enough for a return trip to work plus some.
Anyways, I'll try to post my progress up here, as the project moves along.



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